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Surgery: extractions in Chernivtsi

direction of the most advanced dentistry

Dental surgery - a surgery on the teeth and jaws.

We can quickly and painlessly remove tooth thing in Chernivtsi!

Tooth extraction is carried out at:

1. complete destruction of tooth decay;

2. It prevents tooth prosthetics;

3. the presence of cysts;

4. exceeding number of teeth, which leads to defects and bending bite teeth.


Surgery Clinic, Dental Kyrylyuk

By the surgery also includes operations in the tissues of the oral cavity, preparations for prosthetics in Chernivtsi .

Dental implantation in Chernivtsi can be successfully implemented in our dentistry Chernivtsi . In particular, in our dental office have the opportunity to establish firm GMI implants made in Spain. The procedures for the recovery of teeth - is the treatment of periodontal disease and gum disease.


tooth extraction and other dental surgery provides Kyrylyuk-Dental in Chernivtsi

Ekaterina Tarasova, nurse
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  • Nadezhda Timchenko
    Nadezhda Timchenko
    Very grateful to the dental technician Tatyana for artistic expression smile of my dreams.

Implantology has always been the most advanced area of dentistry, and we are pleased to offer all age groups pashientam new technologies and materials to address the problems of missing teeth. We work with the best poizvoditelyami inplantov

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