Aligning the teeth in Chernivtsi: ceramic and lingual braces

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Orthodontics - a complex system designed to align teeth and occlusion in the dental office Chernivtsi .

Orthodontics deals with the alignment of individual teeth or rows of teeth that are crooked located in the mouth and bite correction.

The purpose of orthodontics - a normalization of chewing movements and improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, to prevent problems with the gums, preventing abrasion and caries .

The dental clinic in Chernivtsi "Kyrylyuk-Dental" has 2 systems for alignment of teeth: removable and fixed.


Removable teeth straightening system in Chernivtsi

1. The plates to fix is a bite orthodontic appliances, due to which the orthodontist prevents movement of dentition and fixes the teeth in position.

2. Kappa - it is removable, nearly invisible form made individually on the patient's teeth, which are creating pressure put teeth into the desired position and hold them there.

3. Trainers - used to relieve unnecessary pressure maxillo-facial muscles on the teeth, or the lack of it is added.


Fixed alignment of teeth in Chernivtsi

1. Lingual braces Chernovtsy : lingual (invisible) braces - it braces, which are located on the lingual side of the teeth, making them invisible. Their main advantage - the absence of discomfort and do not cause allergies. Metal stainless steel or titanium to prevent allergy.

2. Ceramic braces Chernovtsy : ceramic (white) braces - a transparent braces, which contain aluminum oxide.

3. Sapphire (clear) braces : they are more transparent than ceramic, but quite fragile.

4. self-ligating bracket system : a system with locks, clamps, but without mechanical parts such as rubber bands, staples and ligatures. While wearing them is much smaller than the remaining brackets. Better health and lower the number of visits to the doctor.


Choose braces in Chernivtsi from Kyrylyuk-Dental - treat yourself to a charming smile!

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