Therapy: fluoridation and dental treatment in Chernivtsi

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Dental therapy - a set of therapeutic and preventive action. It includes a series of dental procedures, which are discussed below.

Oral hygiene

There are two problems associated with oral hygiene - a plaque and tartar.

Plaque - it is an invisible film that contains the germs. Collect it is the cause darkening of the tooth enamel and the formation of gum disease.

Plaque - it is a solid substance accompanying change the color of the enamel.

This substance can be removed only by a dentist.

Paradontology - a branch of dentistry that works on disease prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.

Parodont - it's organs and tissues that cover the tooth on all sides such as the gums, bone and ligaments teeth.

The most famous of the disease - this is gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Gingivitis - an inflammation of the gums. There are three types:

1. Kataralnyy- is redness and flow off the gums.

2. Gipertroficheskiy- this increase in the gums.

3. Yazvennyy- is ulceration on the gums and in consequence of their immobilization.


Dentistry Chernivtsi

Dentistry Dentistry in Kyrylyuk- Dental provides dental procedures are:

1. Treatment of caries in Chernivtsi: caries is a disease in which subsequently destroyed the hard tissue of the tooth to form a cavity, which leads to a deterioration of the function and aesthetics of the tooth. Treatment of caries dentist drills out under local anesthetic and the affected part of the tooth is sealed with special materials to the restoration of aesthetics and function of the tooth.

2. Treatment of channels in Chernivtsi: pulpit is the inflammation of the dental pulp. In most cases it proceeds with the complication of tooth decay. Root canal treatment (root canal treatment), the dentist cleans the channels from all the excess antiseptic washes and gives the correct form and it is sealed.

3. Artistic restoration of teeth - is the restoration of the tooth to the correct anatomical shape and change to the desired color. This is done using composite materials, photopolymer fully meets the natural color of teeth.

4. Sealing fissures : fissure - a natural relefzuba which is located on the enamel surface of the tooth between the gum chewing bumps. Fissure sealing is a process-chewing surface of special sealant that fills the fissures and prevents tooth decay.


Fluoridation of teeth in Chernivtsi from professionals Kyrylyuk dentistry-Dental

Most people need additional strengthening tooth enamel .

The strengthening of teeth in Chernivtsi is the prevention of tooth decay, or if they have increased sensitivity - hypersensitivity. The need for this procedure is important when lack of fluoride and calcium.

Teeth Whitening in Chernivtsi - restore color to the desired using special highly professional materials and tools, dental procedure that is called by fluorination of teeth. Dentist Chernivtsi offers the best prices on dentistry in western Ukraine.

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